✨Introducing financial assets to meet your goals✨

Last updated: 2 Apr 2024
✨Introducing financial assets to meet your goals✨

emergency reserve
High interest savings account
Money market funds/bond funds

Bonds/debentures/real estate/rental/stocks
Dividend fund/REIT/Real estate fund/lnfrastructure fund(IFF)

Want to have a lump sum of money in the future
Investment insurance/asset insurance
Thai stocks/foreign stocks/Thai stock funds/foreign stock funds/gold savings

Tax deduction (TAX)
Life insurance/savings insurance/pension insurance
Health insurance/mutual funds SFF/RMF/PVD/Korbkhor.

Want to down payment on a house, down payment on a car, save money to travel?
High interest savings account
Fixed deposit account/debt fund

We guarantee that these assets will make it easy for us to reach our goals. Just plan well and do it slowly. We will succeed in our goals.

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